Our Services:

  • General Contractor
  • Civil Mechanical and Electrical
  • ITC Roll Out Implementation
  • Manage Services
  • Power Supply Battery & Rectifier
  • DT & RF Optimization
  • HR & Consultation
  • IT Services & Solutions
  • Quant Analytic Integration Framework Development (such as Numerix, Merix, and Calypso)
  • Smart City Technology
  • E-Commerce & Web Development for private, bank and corporate
  • Remittance Technology & Development (cash-in and cash-out)
  • Build Smart Mobile Apps that improve business process
  • Access and Manage Any Business Data via Mobile Apps (Data Access)
  • Branchless Banking System
  • Cash Management System for bank and corporate
  • Enterprise Resource Planning System & Integration for Corporate
  • Government Insurance-BPJS (Health & Manpower) integration/middleware
  • Payment Point Online Banking and Payment system for private and bank
  • Mobile Education for schools
  • Mini-Bank for Financial Institutions, Schools, and Koperasi
  • Point of Sales for private, bank and corporate
  • Complete Loan Origination System (Sales & CRM-Process-Disbursement-Collection- Maintenance-Audit) for Bank and Financial Institutions
  • Accounting system for SME
  • Logistic, Distribution & Supply Chain system for SME
  • Customer Services or Call Center system for SME, Bank, and Corporate
  • Switching & Middleware System/Assistants for Bank and Corporate
  • IT Network & IT Security Services for Bank, Corporate, and SME
  • IT Training (Solutions, System, Software, Hardware, Network, Security, etc).

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